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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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Well, I tested positive again, which doesn’t surprise me as the test was taken the day after I started my second round of higher dose vanco. Still have a week to go on this round. Things have gotten better bowel wise, so I’m hoping I can take a break from this.

Mentally, I’m so over this. Being kept in the house this long is driving me crazy. The constant gloves, Clorox wipes and bleach is affecting me too— I’m a pariah!

My next gastro appointment is Wednesday. I’m sure she’ll want another test.

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@patts I’m so sorry you are still sick. I remember the feeling of “this is never going to go away!” I was so frustrated of feeling like the walking plague. My doc didn’t keep testing me. He went by my symptoms. I had 3 rounds of Vanco. My insurance wouldn’t cover Dificud. I had a FMT in Feb of this year and just now feel like I’m getting in a normal rhythm to some extent. I also have Crohns so it’s complicated. I want to give you some hope when you feel like you keep getting slammed! This group understands.

Those who are suffering from gas and bloating post c-Diff….. I’m trying this… I’m taking 100 mg stool softener every night as well as a gas-x every morning and night. My gastro prescribed Bentyl to take for the cramps. 10-20 mgs up to 4 times a day. It seems to be helping. Gas x has never helped me but I decided I was going to see. I also take 500 mg of Magnesium twice daily. Obviously, I am not having diarrhea again… 🤪. The first night I took the stool softener I had an accident in bed, so I had to play with the dose for awhile. I too am 47. 🙄

Ugh, I am so sorry!! Anything that is even close to causing cdiff, goes right on my allergy list. I don't care if I have never had a reaction before, it goes there. Do you where Adult pull-ups lol?

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