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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@patts I know EXACTLY how you feel. Last year, I was going through the same thing you are. I got Cdiff from taking Clindamycin for a sinus infection. Unfortunately I went for almost two weeks thinking I had Ecoli and didn't go to the doctor. The Ecoli scare from eating romaine lettuce was going around at the same time as my first bout. My first bout was in May and my last one was in October. I went through doses of Flagyl, Vancomycin (twice) and even did the pulse and taper of Vanco for 6 weeks and finally took Dificid last October. The Dificid was terribly expensive and I understand why they don't prescribe it first. I had decided a fecal transplant would be my next option. If the Vancomycin doesn't work for you, I would suggest that you try Dificid. I know exactly how you feel as I spent most of the summer in our home or backyard. I cleaned everything in our home from light switches to wiping down handles of everything I touched. I sleep with a pillow between my knees and after my 3rd bout, I tossed out that pillow thinking maybe it was contaminated. I truly became paranoid because of that dreaded Cdiff. Something I had never even heard of prior to May. My gastroenterologist suggested I take Florastor has it has S. Boulardii. Hand washing is key. I was around family members during all four bouts of Cdiff and my husband, daughters and grandchildren did NOT get it. It would be interesting to know if anyone on this site has ever infected other family members. I know it runs rampant in nursing homes because of contact but I've not heard of any cases in individual homes. I was happy I found this site where I could discuss my "woes" with others who truly understand.

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Laughing at your knee pillow, but I understand. I’m throwing away my underwear after each use. Don’t want to chance not disinfecting in wash and leaving bacteria in the washer!

I’ve never known anyone who has had this, so glad to hear others’ experiences.

My wife stayed with me the month i had it in the hospital. But never caught it. I wouldn't wish that virus on my worst eneamy

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