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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@ngotman25. I had 4 relapses & has an FMT. I was down to 85 pounds somy GI was getting very worried. I had it on Feb 28, 2019. My tummy never feels right, but at least the actve Cdiff is gone. My GI said I would always rest positive on the PCR test because we would always have spores, not toxins but we are carriers. I’m afraid of lots of foods I’m not sure ab because I also have diverticulosis. I just can’t have a flare of DIVERTICULITIS. That would put me in the hospital on I. Antibiotics. Also I have trouble with constipation. I take probiotics & fiber con. I also drink Kefir & eat yogurt. I’m so tired of everything making my side hurt. I still feel weak & feel like it never feel well again. That Cdiff monster has ruined my life. Anyone have constipation & what do you do. ?

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@sandyabbey I am so sorry to hear you suffer from diverticulosis/ litis..,, my MIL had CDiff 2 years ago and got it again in March this year. She never had the FMT. They think she got it again because some was still in the “pockets” of diverticulitis/losis and it festered there. I wonder what your doc suggests about preventing that? The good news is my MIL knew what it was this time and caught it. Actually, I knew what it was and reminded her and had family take her to the doc. She is better now!

Drink water with lemon in it. This will put back the hydrochloric acid in your stomach that we all need. We are all carriers - yes but that's not the worse of it. We need to build up our gut with the good bacteria or microbiome. This is your LT goal. This takes time but in the mean time - you want to eat regular food too but in a measured amount. Moderation is the word you want to remember.

This is the time you want to try all different type of new foods but also some regular foods. This is summer time so there are different fruits out there including blueberries and other berries that are full of everything you need to help you LIVER which will help care for you gut. Anything GREEN - will also help - find them in your grocer.... eat them anyway you like them. Granola - dates, nuts, cranberries, cherries are out there now....eat them in moderation as well....peaches, etc, and bananas will sooth your stomach, chamomile tea is good for jittery stomachs.
Remember there should be limits on these : dairy, eggs, corn, wheat and canola oil To see more - refer to Anthony Williams book on Life Changing Foods. or I can give you answers to your questions Eloise