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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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I have had a 'C-diff' gut since my first encounter years ago. Once you have had the encounter, your gut has a slow recovery. The antibiotics wipe our your natural flora and now you have to put back what you had to gain what you had beforehand. I have learned over the years what I can and can not eat to keep it at bay. You life changes because of what this nasty bug (mine you – it lives in our bowels but is suppressed by our good biotics) can always get you if you don't know or take care of your gut. There are ways you can live a better life and not resort to drugs, procedures and those type of things. Turn to eating well and using fresh and clean foods to turning your gut around. This may be drastic but it's done on a step by step manner. I read and follow a diet that is close to the Mediterranean diet – fish, vegetables, and fruit. Celery juice is the first thing you drink in the morning before anything else. This works on your gut almost from the get-go. You can find all of this information in the books by ANTHONY WILLIAM – First book is called Medical Medium, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal. I drink lemon water all day long and this helps me digest my food without having to resort to using my GERD medications on a regular basis. I have them prescribed for me and use them since my entire GI system was wiped out after the CDiff nearly killed me after my hysterectomy in 1988. This will be life-long but I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I have followed many of his suggestions and have fewer migraines, stabilized my diabetes, decreased the nodes my thyroid, and my liver panel is normal which hasn't ever been normal according to my Primary Doctor. She was blown away when I told her what I was doing. Mr. Williams can be googled to find his books – they are in books stores and he is well known world wide for what he describes for us to do. Take it for what its worth. The celery juice is a sure thing… Anyone with GI problems should definitely drink 1/2 to one cup a day. And lemon water – no soda ever….(do you know what they put in that stuff? – it will take off rust and other corrosives – so what do you think it does inside you?) Use clean filtered water and real lemons in your water. Get the real deal.
One last thing…everything today has pesticides and stuff sprayed on it…so the best way to 'clean' off your produce is to soak them in soda bicarbonate.
Place everything in a bowl of warm water and couple of tablespoons of the baking soda. Let soak for 10 minutes, rinse and dry. Then bag them, place in bowls or dispense the produce as you like for eating. The baking soda takes off the crummy stuff and leaves your fruits/veggies clean – so you aren't eating all of those poisonous chemicals. Your gut will thank you.

That's it for now… any questions…let me know Eloise

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Thank you for sharing! I have all of Anthony Williams books and do drink celery juice every day. I have not been as good about my food choices and am having issues this week. Your post is inspiring me to do better!

Thank you so much for all this information. I am going to get some of Williams books and start celery juice right away. I find that peppermint tea helps me with gas and bloating.

Thank you for sharing! Had my first (and I pray the LAST) round of C-diff last week. I was prescribed Augmentin for a bad sinus infection and deep cough. Day five on the meds – thought I would die and thought it might be preferable. Had no idea what was wrong with me. After two days, I was able to get myself back to my primary. He prescribed Vancomycin and I provided a sample which came back negative. At first, he told me to discontinue the Vancomycin then changed his mind and said continue. No other instructions. I started eating Activia yogurt because I wanted to avoid a yeast infection.
I live in a small town – no specialists here – but am wondering if I need to quickly locate a gastroenterologist. I’m trying to research what to eat, what to avoid, whether to take a probiotic, for how long, the difference between a probiotic and prebiotic, etc. I am overwhelmed!

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