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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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I was very healthy until was put on clindamycin and then my life changed and not for the better. I have been sick with cdiff for 8 months. The diarrhea has gone but the health issues have just gotten worse. I have lost 30 pounds and can not gain it back. I have stomach issues all the time. Now having depression a lot because tired and feeling terrible all the time. Just want my life back😓

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@losthope That sounds terrible and scary. My heart goes out to you. Have you seen a specialist in C. Diff? My general practitioner acknowledged to me she had only treated 4 other people with C. Diff and she made some mistakes. I ended up going to an Infectious Disease Specialist (who apparently is the one who really knows how the disease works) and then to a Gastroenterologist with C. Diff specialty -- as in he had expertise in how to treat the disease. These two specialists knew what they were talking about. And I am getting better. They explained what is wrong with my immune system and why if I get c. diff again they will do fecal transplant. Have you been to see specialists at hospitals that have a good reputation? teaching hospitals associated with universities are often best. Mayo of course would be good. If you live near NYC I could tell you the name of the two doctors I went to. sending you my best wishes, anna

@losthope Like you, Clindamycin changed my life when I took it last spring for a sinus infection. I had Cdiff within a couple weeks after finishing the RX. I relapsed and went through 4 bouts of Cdiff before the Dificid seemed to help me. I'm far from being "normal" and never plan anything for the first hour or two that I'm up in the morning. My problem now is all the gas in my colon. I thought it might be from the probiotic but I've noticed it's just as severe on the days I don't take it. Plus different foods really make it worse. My heart goes out to you. I found a GI that has treated numerous patients with Cdiff. I now need to make the appointment for the colonoscopy. I keep putting it off. I think it must take years to ever regain our healthy GI system after Cdiff.

@losthope I’m so sorry it has been 8 months! 30 pounds is a lot! I’m surprised you haven’t been referred to a specialist. Sometimes we have to be our own advocate and that stinks! I wish it were different!! Clindamyacin does seem to be beast! Hang in there. Have they talked to you about a fecal transplant?

@losthope I, too, took clindamycin last August for a tooth abscess and 3 weeks later ended up in the hospital diagnosed with cdiff. I only weighed 100 lbs at the time and then lost 14 lbs which I cannot gain anything back. After 4 relapses and hundreds of vancomycin pills, I finally had the fmt done 5 weeks ago today. I feel pretty good right now but had a few mucus days last week and thought for sure it was cdiff again​! It stopped and so far so good. I don't believe I will ever feel pre-cdiff again. I had no health issues before cdiff. I will turn 72 on June 2nd and have been letting go of my pre-cdiff life. I believe this is the"new normal" for me. One day at a time is my new motto.