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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@annapocono My doctor also put me on estrogen cream. And she said the same thing to only use a pea size amount. But she also asked if I was using a PH balanced soap. At the time, I was not. I've since changed to one and use it every night. I'm 70 and I've taken cranberry tablets for years. But not the brand you are using. I also drink the juice. I'm also faithful taking a probiotic every single day. I've now been on Florastor or another with S. Boulardii since my GI told me to start it last fall along with the regular probiotic. I got the UTI while I was just finishing the Vanco pulse and taper. I took Macrobid. I was told to stay away from Cipro for UTI's. What estrogen cream did she put you on? I'm using Premarin but I guess there is one that's a lot less money. My co-pay for Premarin was over $80. It lasts along time since I'm only using a pea size.

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@pines Interesting that we are on the same program. Reassuring! I will switch to a cheaper cranberry pill when i have more confidence that i am not about to get another UTI. The estrogen cream was Premarin -- a large tube. It was expensive but not as expensive as yours. I have a supplemental insurance that must have picked up more of the cost. Why isn't medicare paying for this more completely I wonder. I also do probiotics every single day: kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh etc and want to drink kombucha for he S. Boulardi but so far makes my stomach too gassy. Hoping that won't be true when i have C. Diff further in the rear view mirror. The infectious disease specialist did not want me to take probiotic pills. Because my immunity is , they say, somewhat compromised by mild RA and MGUS, she worried that the live bacteria in the powerful pills might make me sick. The amount in foods she said is more manageable. It's good to hear your story and that of everyone else. Feels good standing together. anna