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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@pines I got a UTI just when i went off vancomycin. i was terrified to take an antibiotic. But I had to. The urologist seemed on top of the C. diff relapse vulnerability. I took monurol (fosftomycin) and did not relapse. Then she put me on a program to prevent any future UTI. So here is that program.
!. One ellura tablet a day .Ellura is cranberry juice . It is expensive. About a dollar a day. I bought it on amazon because i couldn't get it fast it in drug stores here in NYC. Read the reviews on Amazon. Women raving about how effective it is in warding off UTIs. I asked the doctor why not just drink cranberry juice and she said it is not as effective as this tablet.
2. Put a small pea sized amount of estrogen vaginal cream into the vagina every night for 2 weeks at the start --and then 2 or 3 times per week for maintenance. I just saw the doctor today and she said i should do that forever going forward. I know estrogen taken orally can be dangerous over the long term so I asked about the cream and she said , it does not get into the system and therefore is safe. I am 75 so the safety issue might be different for a younger woman.

I am feeling optimistic i won't get another UTI. Good luck to you and I am hoping this passed on advice might be helpful for you too.

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@annapocono My doctor also put me on estrogen cream. And she said the same thing to only use a pea size amount. But she also asked if I was using a PH balanced soap. At the time, I was not. I've since changed to one and use it every night. I'm 70 and I've taken cranberry tablets for years. But not the brand you are using. I also drink the juice. I'm also faithful taking a probiotic every single day. I've now been on Florastor or another with S. Boulardii since my GI told me to start it last fall along with the regular probiotic. I got the UTI while I was just finishing the Vanco pulse and taper. I took Macrobid. I was told to stay away from Cipro for UTI's. What estrogen cream did she put you on? I'm using Premarin but I guess there is one that's a lot less money. My co-pay for Premarin was over $80. It lasts along time since I'm only using a pea size.