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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@pines My doctor and infectious disease specialist said that the ones listed below are the high risk antibiotics:
* clindomycin
* the class of drug called floraquinolones (there are quite a few if you google)
* the class of drugs called cephalosporins, 2nd and 3rd generation
* amoxycillin
* amoxycillin-clavulnanate (which includes augmenting , Glaxo SmithKline)

Low risk antibiotics she said were
* sulfur drugs
* penicillin

I took Monurol for UTI and so far, 2 weeks out have not relapsed.

I have acid stomach, gas, reflux and turns out two classes of the over the counter meds are reported to increase risk of relapse (google C.diff and the name of the class) . They are:
* the class called proton pump inhibitors
* the class called H2 blockers: includes zantac

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I was actually taking a proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole) for 6 mo before and while taking clindamycin. I had been wanting to get off it so when I started having my “issues” before I was diagnosed with c diff I just quit the omeprazole cold turkey. I believe that it can contribute to getting c diff as it blocks the acid production. I have changed my diet since so not having the acid reflux as much. I am 3 weeks post Dificid and so far ok. 🤞 I must say that I worry every day that it is going to come back though.

So I was on Sulfasalazine (a low risk drug), but I was on it for 10 months because my doc prescribed it instead of Sulfasalazine which is an anti inflammatory. 🤦‍♀️ So I have c diff for no reason or rather a reason that shouldn’t have happened. It cost me $1200 plus for all the meds and after a letter to my doc, I was reimbursed and the PA who prescribed the wrong med was gone 2 weeks later. Not sure if I was the last straw for her or not. But here’s the thing.. each time I went into her office.. every 3 months, I gave them my list of meds. It was never caught. I thought Sulfadiazine must have been generic for Sulfasalazine and that’s why I didn’t catch the mistake myself. At least I was reimbursed. I guess they decided that was better than a lawsuit. By their negligence, I ended up with c diff and I also have Crohn’s.

I'm not sure if you are still checking but I am in NYC and wondering which infection disease and gastro you used. Thank you!