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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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pines@pines I agree with what you said. I think if I am fortunate enough to be free of cdiff, it will be a long time before I am back to the way I was before. Maybe never. All I know is I am taking it one day at a time until I get to the end of May. We shall see.

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@pines @ngorman25 It makes me a little less worried to hear you both are about the same as I am. I sure wish we were “normal” again.

Hi Ngorman25, so sorry younjad to battle the CDiff. I have had CDiff more times then I want to know. Since my daughter was born in 1992. I had it for a year on and off. Then got it again after a bout of antibiotics. Then years later I started getting the symptoms really bad with diarrhea and bad cramping for weeks on end. The tests were Negative which I could not believe. I would be put on Flagyl and sooner or later it would go away. This was three years of suffering with this. Running to the bathroom after eating and always needing to know where the bathrooms were near. Finally within the last month after months of on and off symptoms which I was told I most likely have IBS, I thought well I have to stop this diarrhea so I started taking Imodium. Total mistake. I knew in my own mind I had CDiff but since it kept coming back neg I went with the IBS. Total difference though between IBS is people do not go through the night. I was going about 18 to 20 times a day and night. . I was exhausted and getting very sick. Fever. Etc Felt like I had the flu. Taking the Imodium made CDiff go crazy. Went to ER and they dismissed it as the flu. Well, that was enough, as I was suffering intensely with a 102 to 103 fever for weeks. With the worst pain and diarrhea. Finally my dr said go to Orlando Health Hospital, ASAP. I walked in feeling quite sick and thought I am either going to die because they are Not getting positive test results and then they don’t treat or these people are going to help me. I had had it. Finally, the wonderful ER doc sent me up to cat scan for a scan of my colon. Then he wanted to culture of my stool which was what I would refer to green tea of the worst kind. The doc came quickly innafter the tests and said you have a bad case of colitis with CDiff and you are being admitted to critical care. Finally the test came back positive. Since I have chronic CDiff often times the tests come back negative. They put me on Flagyl and Vanco right away. I was vomiting everything I ate and still going about 10 times an hour. Horrible. After almost two weeks in the hospital I was able to eat a little which is only carb type food, everything liquid I would throw up right away. Bread stayed down. Went home on vanco now on for three weeks. Just now functioning more normal but still not perfect. I know once I go off this vanco the CDiff will return. So I have opted for the Fecal transplant. My docs have all recommended it and I am now in the first part of the process of getting ready for it. I have read of the amazing success. But wanted to ask those who have had it have you had any weight gain the transplant!!!! I would love to hear from people who have done this. I am super excited to know there is a cure as I have been suffering for a long time with many episodes of long term hanging in bathrooms and being in chronic pain. Not my favorite place to be. Let alone having to eat almost nothing to try and feel better. Thanks for any feedback and I truly feel for those who have to endure the horrible world of CDiff. Best of luck to all as there is help out there.