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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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So I am wondering if anyone here has had the fmt? I am headed in that direction after having had my 4th round of antibiotics. According to my gastro doctor, that is the next step. He says it has a 90% cure rate. Anyone with thoughts?

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@ngorman25 Our year 2018 sounds much the same. Except my Cdiff started in the spring after taking Clindamycin. You are just one year older than I am. I also took Flagyl first, then 10 days on Vanco and after the 3rd bout, I did the Vanco taper for 6 weeks. Finally after my 4th bout, I took Dificid (fidaxamicin). I wish I would have taken it after Flagyl didn't kill all the Cdiff spores. Prior to approving Dificid, my insurance asked if I had taken Vancomycin. They approved it, but the co-pay was still almost $1,000. It ONLY kills the Cdiff spores and does not kill your good bacteria. If I were you, I would ask your doctor about taking it before I would do the FMT. I have NOT had a reoccurance since taking it last October. I knock on wood every time I say that or write it. I also take Florastor or another S. Boulardii probiotic every single day. If you are considering FMT, you might google Open Biome and read up of the capsule form of FMT. The cost is $635 and I'm not sure if my insurance would pay for it. But if I have a 5th bout, I'm going to ask my GI to order it.

I have not had a reoccurring infection ,just the same one for 10 months. (I am testing negative but still feel awful ) I have researched FMT and that would have been my next step. You can take a capsule or have it done thru colonoscopy.

I just had my first FMT a week ago after failure of Flagyl, vancomycin & Dificid. I feel bloated if I eat even a small amount. It doesn’t show right now because I lost down to 85. I’ve been sick since October. Taken to the hospital once by ambulance. I just feel full easily. My problem is that when I’m clear before a relapse I go for 3-4 days without a BM. Only thing is that if they tell me to take something it gives me diarrhea. Right now at just a week from my FMT I can’t take anything of any kind without clearing it by my GI. He’s great thought & has tried hard to get me well. Cdiff is a monster that consumes you. I hope I don’t relapse after this FMT. He said lots had to have another one. He’s hoping I’m going to ne clear. I sure hope so. I have had no life since I got this.

@ngnorman25. I had 4 relapses of cidiff starting in October after clindamycin for a sinus infection. I got sick a few days after finishing. My pcp gave me Flagyl. I got better in a few days, but relapsed after a week. He gave me another round & that time. Then he sent me to my GI. I should have gone there to begin with, but actually I wasn’t sure that was it at first. I was given vancomycin at that time. I got better again & then 10 days after finishing vancomycin I had a bad relapse & had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. I was given IV fluids in the ambulance & then more at the hospital. I was positive for Cdiff again. I was given Deficid this time & went 32 days. I was so excited because I thought after all this time I was going to be ok. I had lost 20 pounds & that put me at a dangerous 85 pounds. My GI gave me 10 days of vancomycin to get me to a point to have an FMT. In the meantime he did a sigmoidoscopy & did 5 biopsies & they were all positive. Then I was told to get off the vancomycin 2 days before the FMT. He did mine through an endoscopy past my stomach into the small intestine. I have an extra long colon & he had a hard time during my last colonoscopy so he wanted to try the endoscopy way. He said it would go all the way through my intestine that way too. I’m 3 weeks out so we don’t know if it worked yet. He’s going to test 8 weeks out unless I get sick before then. I’m better, but I still have trouble with foods. I think I’m afraid to venture out. I don’t want to mess up this FMT because I’ll have to have another one, this time via colonoscopy. My gut is definitely messed up at the moment. I get bloated easily & have stools at different times. Sometimes it’s just a little & then a little more. Lots of times I feel pressure like I need to go & it’s a tiny amount of loose stool. I’m taking a probiotic & drinking Kefir & eating yogurt. I’m definitely not right yet & wonder if I ever will be.

@ngotman25. I had 4 relapses & has an FMT. I was down to 85 pounds somy GI was getting very worried. I had it on Feb 28, 2019. My tummy never feels right, but at least the actve Cdiff is gone. My GI said I would always rest positive on the PCR test because we would always have spores, not toxins but we are carriers. I’m afraid of lots of foods I’m not sure ab because I also have diverticulosis. I just can’t have a flare of DIVERTICULITIS. That would put me in the hospital on I. Antibiotics. Also I have trouble with constipation. I take probiotics & fiber con. I also drink Kefir & eat yogurt. I’m so tired of everything making my side hurt. I still feel weak & feel like it never feel well again. That Cdiff monster has ruined my life. Anyone have constipation & what do you do. ?