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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@sandyabbey Thank you so much for the update. I'm 3 months today post Dificid. And like you, I still worry every time I have any cramping or a loose BM. I'm finding a lot depends on what I eat. Green salads and lots of veggies can give me a scare. (The things that are good for us.) 🙂 I still take Florastor daily and have also found another one that's is about 1/2 the price but still has 440 mg of S Boulardii. I order it from Swansons Vitamins on line. I plan to take S Boulardii for the rest of my life. Our situations are very parallel. We both contacted this from Clindamycin. We both have had 4 bouts of Cdiff. We both took Flagyl, Vancomycin and finally Dificid. We are both on social security. Let's hope and pray we are now Cdiff free. I think posting on this site is also helpful to those who have gone through our situations. Especially if we can stay healthy. And I'm in hopes that the price of Dificid (fidaxamicin) will come down so that more and more patients can get it after a second relapse. People should not have to go through 4 bouts of Cdiff. I wouldn't wish the 6 months of 2018 that I went through on my worst enemy. Stay well and please update us after you see your GI.

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@pines. I had my gall bladder out maybe 20 or so years ago and haven’t really had normal bowel movements since. A few years ago I had three bouts of cdiff. And had not had it since. No idea where I got it as I was not on antibiotics when I first got it. Since then I deal a lot with diarrhea and that is no fun. But you deal with it. Now my concern is copd and lung cancer so to meI put on my depends and hope I dont have an accident and enjoy the day I have. Some of these things are not easy to go thru and that’s when we find out how strong we are. Keep the faith do what you have to and always have someone to talk to and rely on More power to all of you.

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