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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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I have had 3 episodes and finishing Vanco. I take Florastor twice daily and I too am lactose intolerant. I have days when I can eat some foods but if I eat something wrong I know the next day. I feel that my colon can not absorb my food so I empty out the next day. I then have hunger issues and the cycle of disappointment repeats itself. I am glad there are those of you that are fortunate enough to beat this. I hope I will be one soon to the person who has just be diagnosed do the Florastor if you are able and be your own advocate and get the dificid if you can. I have read many of these posts and it seems that is the best treatment. I know it’s expensive but I would pay every dime I have to be healthy again. When I am better I will be addressing the clindamycin issue by writing a detailed letter to the FDA This should not happen to anyone else .. prayers to all fighting this battle🙏🏻

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@losthope I read a study that was done in 2011 regarding vancomycin vs fidaxamicin (Dificid). The major difference is that Vanco also kills your good bacteria. The Dificid only attacks the Cdiff spores. Without that good bacteria the Cdiff spores just continue to flourish. I had people wonder why I kept having relapses after taking Flagyl and Vanco twice (once for 10 days and once doing the Vanco taper). I felt like they didn't think I was cleaning the bathroom or washing my hands enough. People don't realize that Cdiff is hard to kill and except for Dificid, the other treatments are also killing your good bacteria along with Cdiff spores. There's also two different strains of Cdiff. You could also have a different strain than the original infection. This week, on the 26th, it will be three months since my 4th bout with Cdiff. Prior to taking Dificid, three weeks was the longest I had gone without relapsing. I wish you well in 2019.

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