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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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Pines@pines, thanks for the encouragement…one of my children said they are coming anyway since they are all healthy, and I only use bathroom hooked to our bedroom. I just remembered I was on clindamysin in October which might be why I came down with first bout in November. Terrified to think of dealing with this over and over…hope all goes well with colonoscopy.

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@serenityva Yes, clindamycin is the #1 antibiotic causing C.diff. I know many of the others can and do bring it on, but in all that I have read clindaymcin is at the top of the list. I'm happy to hear you still have family coming for the holidays. If you read up on C.diff, you will see that you can not get the spores from hugging and touching your family and friends. The key is hand washing and keeping your bathrooms germ free, or spore free in the case of C.diff. Those spores can live for up to 5 months outside the body. I even used Clorox wipes and wiped down light switches and spray cans. Add some bleach to all your cleaners. Are you still taking vancomycin? I took it twice. The first time it was for 10 days, the last time it was the pulse and taper and I took it for 5 weeks. I was good for 3 weeks after taking it before I relapsed. The fidaximicin (Dificid) seems to be working. It was very expensive. Almost $5,000 for 20 pills. My insurance would not approve it until I had already tried Vanco. If I have any more relapses, I'm doing the fecal transplant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and pray a lot. 🙂 Enjoy your Christmas and I wish you a healthy 2019.