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Right now this must all be scary but rest assured, you sound ok. You'll be going to your grandson's wedding one day. It sounds like your lifestyle (except for the wine) is perfect. Can you give it up for a while plus any stimulants until you get the issue resolved?
I'm sorry to hear that you have had to go through such a terrible experience as carbon monoxide poisoning. I did a quick check and there are cardiac residual effects. But this was 4 years ago so I can't imagine you would suffer any residual effects at this point. I think you are right; all that wine was too much, especially the one evening of excess and that was an assault on your body.
When I first saw the cardiologist with my wild heartbeat, he was alarmed and he told me that of 10 people who go to see him with an arrhythmia, he only medicates 1. And I was that one. He told me that unless an irregular heartbeat compromises one's quality of life, he does not medicate. In my case it did as I suffered from air hunger…needing to constantly take breaths to get enough oxygen and feeling faint. I really couldn't function well. You mentioned that your heart rate was 84 bpm. That is absolutely normal.
Suggestion: sleep on your left side to prevent irregular or pounding beats. I found that helpful. If your heart really does race (e.g. 120 bpm), bearing down as if you are doing a BM can really help.
Some of this could be hormonal. When my Afib was at its worst, I took estrogen as an alternative to beta blockers and it completely stopped. But when I added progesterone (which one needs to do), the Afib returned in part. I take Vagifem and bioidentical progesterone…both creams. Not that I am suggesting you do. But keep these things in mind as options to explore.
And in the meantime, don't worry until you see your doctor next Tuesday. While you are waiting for your cardiology appointment, live a 'clean life'. Your body needs a break from stress, alcohol, toxic environments and any stimulants. Go for big walks (with the baby?) and breathe in the fresh almost spring air. GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you fare.

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BTW, I feel a hunger for oxygen also. I feel I cannot get enough air. I've felt that way for about a year. The doc thought it was because of my acid reflux. I'm tired a lot. I used to have so much energy that this is totally uncharacteristic for me. Once upon a time I worked/raised a family/did all the cooking & housework, and found time to sew clothes for myself and my girls. Now it's hard to get through the day. But, hopefully after I see the cardiologist I will have more answers.

I have a question. Did the doc tell you why you couldn't breathe good? I have thought over the past year my breathing issues were because of either acid reflux or the smoke inhalation I suffered. I have thought it was my lungs. Was your breathing problem because of your heart?

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