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Mold Toxicity

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John, Thanks, Seems Like I'm back to square One in my hunt to a cause as to what is wrong with me and many others! I thought it may be an avenue to persue but it dosen't look that way. Will continue the hunt! Have a Merry!

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Pursue answers only through a reputable medical facility! The internet is rife with misinformation that, on the surface, look legitimate but actually can cause harm to your body. many practitioners whose theories are espoused on The internet are actually using unproven experimental treatments on human subjects. The relentless search for medical answers can lead to somatic symptom disorder. I urge caution!

I just remembered some old journal article about mold that mentioned studies in factories. I went to OSHA and found this. I think some of the oldest studies on mold exposure rose out of unhealthy work places. Osha has links, full of links on it.

Oops,, as a new member, Mayo won't let me post links – it won't let me post the link to the osha page. So let me do it this way. Osha (dot) gov (forward slash) mold. You can also find the page by googling two words: OSHA mold

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