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Anyone have Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy?

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I’ve had a a chronic cough for 3-4 years now and was diagnosed with LSN about 6 months ago. My cough was mostly after eating and when waking up in the mornings. Amitriptyline was working well until I got the flu and now it has come back. I’m just curious if you all are taking other medication with whatever you may taking now to help with what caused the nerve damage originally if it were due asthma or reflux? If the underlying condition is not being treated the nerve medication you are taking may not be strong enough to get rid of the cough alone. I take a pretty strong dose of reflux medication which is believed to be the cause of LSN to begin with or contributed to it being irritated. Just a thought, you may need to be treated for more than one issue here. Whatever it is I hope everyone here gets some relief, this cough is an embarrassing life changing cough that makes it hard to function sometimes.

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I am told that because the nerve has become hypersensitive , reflux or allergies that normally wouldn’t affect you causes the irritation that triggers the cough. I did the barium swallow and know that I have a very mild case of reflux as well as allergies. Acid seems to be a trigger as well. When both the reflux and allergies are managed well, it does reduce my cough but not eliminate it. I ALWAYS cough with my first bite of food. It is the exact location of a sore throat I had at the onset of mono. It is on my left side of my throat and the food causes an immediate tickle. It is definitely life altering. I even fear going to the dentist now for fear I have a coughing jag.

I have had a cough for over 5 years and my ENT diagnosed me Neurogenic cough reflex. Is this the same as LSN? I have tried amitriptyline and gabapentin with nothing but side effects. He recently started doing injections to block the nerve with minimal results. I am at the point of willing to try anything. I was researching CBD and came across this blog. I'm willing to try CBD but can't use the type with THC because I work.