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Logopenic Progressive Aphasia

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That is the hard part to think about… I don't know how or when I will be able to have my husband go into memory care. He knows who I am still and I know it will be devastating to him. When he was diagnosed I was led to believe he wouldn't realize what he was losing but he does seem to know and is frustrated. He thinks if he tries harder to talk he will get better. Makes me sad that I can't help him.
He is pretty much totally dependant on me so it will be a huge empty feeling for me to. We were forced into early retirement because of this disease not at all what we had planned!

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It’s never easy to take that next step. There was a brand new facility opening up close to me and I knew the lady that was in charge of the memory care unit. I just felt in my heart that it was the right time. God’s blessings !