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Hi @lithuanian, I would like to invite a few members who have talked about a myelodysplastic syndrome to see if they have experienced skin itching and what they did about it. @cybears, @jaylevel1, and @reibur1951 may have experience they could share with you on this symptom.

@lithuanian, have you discussed this symptom with your medical provider? What have you tried thus far?

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@JustinMcClanahan I just got my report today from my bone marrow biopsy and to the doctor's and my surprise, besides the ET, I now have myelodysplastic syndrome, and anemia... not sure I yet understand it all. Have not started on the shots yet but will have an abdominal ultrasound, which was already scheduled and see the doctor on the 11th to proceed with treatments. Does not seem to explain my leg pain, but does explain my lack of energy and feeling bad. So, a little more compliction to my already fairly rare disorder. I have had quite a bit of itching. Not unmaneagable but annoying. So I would lkie to hear from ET patients as well as this new diagnosis which I was given today. Esperanzam

I have MDS, diagnosed last summer. My ferratin levels are consistently 800-1000. By January of this year began experiencing migrating itching all over my body, esp in my hands, less in my feet. It is in other places also. I started taking Cetirizine HCL (allergy med) and it stopped entirely. However, my ophthalmologist said I need to be careful with antihistamine meds if I have increased eye pressure. Now I am itching all over again. I use lotion (short lived) and sometimes Voltran Cream if I'm itching so bad I am excoriating my skin.