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Chest Pain

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I've been having sever chest pains for months I do have sever acid reflux 6 stomach ulcers and a hintal hernia..This last week I had chest pain and my left arm was aching but the chest pain has been hanging on for days now so I'm sure not heart related I've been to the er alot and it's never heart related I also had a heart catheterzation done in 2016 which they said every thing looked good no blockages at all just a false positive non stress test .I've been on every medication there is for gerd and nothing helps I take nausea meds everyday I would love to have one day I'm not feeling sick ..I've had the scope done and the dr said I was a great candidate for the acid reflux surgery but the gastrointestinal says no just diet I don't hardly ever eat cause I'm tired of being sick so I don't know what diet would help …Just wondering if anyone has been through this?or if anyone has any suggestions ? Thanks so much

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Hi Williams 50, my name is Lucy and I had a Nissen Fundoplication done on 8-17-18. I failed all reflux testing that is done pre-op which makes you a candidate for the surgery. the tests are a ph study and manometry study. I failed on all PPI's as well. I struggled with gerd, chest pain, etc. I felt good post op for about 4 months but the chest pressure and pain snuck back and now it is the same as it was pre op. I am getting an EGD (endoscopy scope) done on 1-23-19. I also had to be hospitalized on 1-12-19 for severe nausea, bloating and they thought I had a bowel obstruction (you can't burp or throw up after a Nissen). They had to decompress my stomach by putting an NG tube down and getting all the air out of my stomach. I am 55 y/o, weigh 100lbs, and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I don't know what is going on now but I wonder if I should have ever had the procedure done. I am also an RN who works in the inpatient endoscopy department at a local hospital. I am not sure we can communicate by personal email. Do you know whether we can or not?
Sincerely, lucy

Hi sorry you are not feeling well. I also have had your symptoms. I had all of the tests also. I was diognost Functional Dyspepsia. I was given anti depression acid meds etc . Through this sight someone turned me on to a over the counter med called a FDguard. It is all natural made up of two main oils. Peppermint and one other it works wonders. Take two in the am and to before you go to sleep.you after a couple of days start processing food better and you can burp again. Look on line, they sell it on Amozon or CVS ,Walgreens. Good luck and keep a positive attitude. Mayo Clinic supports this treatment!