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jackiem95 (@jackiem95)

Multivitamins and IBS

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@jackiem95 , I take the Centrum For Senior Women. I have not had any problems wirh it at all. I will say this about that: I am also Type 2 Diabetic, and my blood sugars are controlled by one pill per day, several other supplements throughout the day, and intermittent fasting. I am on the "Lazy Keto" way of eating. Everything I eat throughout the day probably adds up to one entire meal for a normal person. Still, much less carbs consumed. I am rarely hungry and totally satisfied with this way of eating. It has helped me to get off certain medications, lose weight, and basically eradicate GERD and Gastroparesis. I used to have to take meds for IBS and Diverticulitis. Not anymore. People who have tried this woe (not a diet) have all kinds of success stories. None of this might work for you. But I'm throwing it all out there in the hope that something will work for you. I do not tell anyone what to do. Let's just say I highly recommend certain things that have worked for me. Others here will respond because they have been through what you have to endure. That's why we want to help so much. We are here for you! Will you let us know how things develop? I just know in my heart that you will have some good news soon!

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I agree, @mamacita, the small meal approach over the day is a good approach to most digestive problems. A large meal will always cause me trouble and is definitely not worth it!