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Muscle pain

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@dawn_giacabazi Glade you suggested about the Dr also wow I,ll bet that hurt I can imagine some of the pain when I had my by pass and they closed my chest up I had pain awful Finally they found the nerves didn't attach themselves so I had injection in brestbone area .

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That does not sound like any fun!! I was in a car accident and sustained a paired over fracture through my sternal manubrium joint. The doctors said “sternal fractures always heal” well 3 years of horrible pain a swelling, every time I would breath the joint would moved because the lungs would fill and expand the lungs which cause the chest to rise and fall which inturn would cause the fracture to move causing friction and sheering. I developed the costochondral chondritis. As a result I developed a landslide of health issues, chronic pain, insomnia, chronic pneumonia, depression, anxiety just to name a few. I tried a ton of treatments. Finally surgical intervention worked to completely resolve it. Removed my My sternum from my 2, 3, 4, 5th ribs & over 100 bone fragments out of my chest and both breasts. 3 surgeries later & No issues at all today!!


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