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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Thank you so much. I am actually the wife, B, and my husband is Pop. As I replied to Coleen, we are just getting started and being seen at Moffit on January 22nd but researching any other group for a second opinion. I plan to reach out to Florida Cancer group here in Tampa where we live to see who else we can get an appointment with. I have read that having a secondary cancer in the liver, with lymph nodes involved would be considered a 4th stage cancer which is fast growing. This is why I am trying to get him in ASAP to get the right treatment to extend his life. From what I understand, through my reading, is this can be controlled but not cured. At the age of 74, we both know want to extend his life with some since of quality . Again, Thank you so much for these links. I will check them both out. B

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You might want to get a 2nd opinion from MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Jacksonville. Dr Vu there has been a great resource for me as a 2nd opinion dr.

U.W. OF MADISON IS THE PLACE TO GO.they have one of 3 new machines in the world for pet scans 1-japan 2- las vegas 3- uw wi.. they found my lung cancer and i had 5 treatments no kemo … i am now cancer free.