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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Thank you Coleen for connecting us to the right group. These past two days have been a whirlwind of just confirming Pop’s primary tumor in his upper right lung ,yesterday from his PET scan results done on Monday. He was diagnosed December 18th with secondary liver cancer after having a Biopsy. The soonest we could be scheduled for a PET scan was January 6th.
After We received his Biopsy report on Monday ,I freaked out after doing some research. His Pathologist from the Biopsy concluded his liver tumor was a high grade neuroendocrine carcinoma, consistent with small cell. I sent the Biopsy report to a friend and other pathologist ,who recommended he see a neuroendocrine specialist at Moffitt, here in Tampa where we live. March 17th was the soonest Moffitt could schedule him with the Neuroendocrine oncologist. I told them that we needed to be seen sooner so they suggested he see aThoracic specialist. We have a January 22nd appointment with the Thoracic specialist. So you see, we are just getting started on this roller coaster ride. Any information and help is greatly appreciated.

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@popkorhn, that is good that further testing gave clarity that the tumor is in fact a neuroendocrine carcinoma. Many patients with NETs have shared that it can be a long journey to get a proper diagnosis. And knowing that it is neuroendocrine, you'll get the right treatment.

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