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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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@popkorhn– Welcome to Mayo Connect. How awful for you and your husband, as if one cancer isn't enough. I am a mentor for Mayo Connect Lung cancer group. Hearing that "you" have cancer is true shocker. Have his doctors discussed any treatments as yet? How is he feeling physically?
Here is some information about lung cancer spreads to the liver, which is very common.: https://www.verywellhealth.com/lung-cancer-spread-to-the-liver-2249263
I'd also like to ask how you are doing? Connect has a separate group for care givers which I think will help you immensely. You will need to take care of yourself as well and I hope that the love and caring that other caregivers share will help you too. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/caregivers/
I'd also like to invite @margot69 @lady1lake @cheris to join this conversation.
Please continue to reach out on this site so that we can continue to support you. Would your husband want to join us do you think?

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Thank you so much. I am actually the wife, B, and my husband is Pop. As I replied to Coleen, we are just getting started and being seen at Moffit on January 22nd but researching any other group for a second opinion. I plan to reach out to Florida Cancer group here in Tampa where we live to see who else we can get an appointment with. I have read that having a secondary cancer in the liver, with lymph nodes involved would be considered a 4th stage cancer which is fast growing. This is why I am trying to get him in ASAP to get the right treatment to extend his life. From what I understand, through my reading, is this can be controlled but not cured. At the age of 74, we both know want to extend his life with some since of quality . Again, Thank you so much for these links. I will check them both out. B