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Small Cell Lung Cancer: Let's connect

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Good Monday morning. Actually, Stanford called this morning to set up an appt. I asked if I coukd see Dr. Wakelee but she was booked out. Asked to see Dr. Padda, who treated a friend, and they booked an appt this Thursday. A while later, they called back and said Wakelee had an opening Thursday at 3:30, nit the best time for us for a long commute but I took it! Asked the scheduler who was the better doctor to se and was told both are good but definitely Wakelee. Actually, here is a video from Stanford and sge is one of the speakers, if it is ok if I post it here. https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/cancer/lung-cancer/about-this-condition/types.html/presentation-mode/stanford-health-now/videos/lung-cancer-webcast-2014

Scared to make this journey. Thanks for asking. As I have told very few people, nice to have the support.

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@margot69– I recommend everyone should watch this. It is a bit lengthy so bear with it. I am thrilled that you now have an appointment in just a couple of days. You can do this! And you are not alone in this journey. We are right along with you. I commute from southern RI to Boston, MA for my appointments and tests. It's worth it, if you can, to seek the best care possible.

@margot69 Glad you are going to see Dr Wakelee. She is very very good and also very caring. I have been under her treatment for my NSLC adenocarcinoma for the lung with brain mets since the past 2years . She and her team are very responsive to any queries/problems you may have.