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Does his doc have him on antibiotics for the MAC, and does he use a nebulizer and inhaler daily? I, too, have COPD, as well as asthma and was told I have MAC a couple years ago. When I have a flare up of respiratory infections, I have Ceftin 250 mg on hand to start taking for 5 days. Am so sensitive to many antibiotics that I take a child's dose and seem to get along okay with it. Have been taking Brovana, twice daily along with Alvesco inhaler afterwards. My doc is an asthma and allergy lung specialist and I've been going to him for about three and a half years now. Before starting with him, the former Pulmonary doc only had me do a CAT scan about every 3-6 months and I was constantly getting meds for bronchitis. Not familiar with honeycomb lung.

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Yes he started him on 3200 mg 3 times a week and the new dr reduced it down to 2100 mg 3 times a week. Yes he's on a nebulizer and inhaler. They had him do a cat scan at the Er and then another dr at urgent care. Then when his dr left town. The new doctors had one done. He has been throwing up a lot and running fever. The honeycomb hasn't really been explained that good
I just know basically what I looked up