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He has went down to 3-4 cigarettes a day now. We know we need to quit.

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@tmmmrlts – Welcome to Mayo connect. One thing about this group is that we are an honest bunch! I agree with @kathydyd– Your husband needs to quit smoking ASAP. No one here will tell you that it's an easy thing to do. When I quit, 21 years ago I was smoking 2 packs of Marlboro reds. When I got home from my lobectomy my craving was pretty bad. My husband had emptied every ash tray and thrown them away. He told me, when I was in a weak moment of craving, "If you smoke, you'll die" That became my mantra and to this day I have not picked up a cigarette since the night I quit.
He has to do anything to quit, join a stop smoking group, patches, gum, whatever there is out there. Lots of hospitals have stop smoking programs.
Honey Comb Lungs are the appearance of lung that are filled with cysts.
I write a blog and here is the post about lung cancer and smoking that I wrote- It might help