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faithshouse (@faithshouse)

Could my itchy face an allergy?

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I feel your itch! I have had the for over 3 months and it IS driving me crazy. No answers yet. I'm about to see an allergist next. Especially bad at night. I've bed trying to sleep with ice packs…minimal help. Rash is a fine red with a few pimples like very itchy spots. It s in my scalp and on the trunk of my body. Not on my face. I've been on steroid creams and am wondering if they are making it worse…ugh

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faithshouse- I used to wonder if my itching felt worse at night because I had no distractions, yet there is a medical reason for you to feel itchier. Our histamine levels peak at night. These histamine warriors are trying to defend our bodies from what they believe to be invading forces (our allergies). This raises our inflammation levels making the itch worse. I have 3 forms of eczema auto immune diseases. You may actually have several types yourself. Have you looked up Grover's Disease? It is specific to the torso, front, back or both, with some migration down arms or up neck, but that's less common. It's one of my forms doctors kept treating as ACD. Go to the New Zealand Dermatology site and look up the symptoms of Grover's and they have lots of pictures. True many are graphic and much worse than my physical ones were a mine were more like yours, fine red pumps and some broke through and would scab but they were not pustules (pussy). Steroids both in topical form or injection (Kenalog-40), did nothing to help that I noticed. There are a few non steroidal treatments that helped, but basically it needs to run it's course. Common for first outbreak to be 1 year with subsequent ones a shorter duration- mine about 6 months each, then 5 months off, and each out break has had symptoms slightly less than the previous. The actual name is Transient Acantholytic Dermatitis,aka, Grover's Disease. I have been free for 5 months now, yet if I press on my back torso skin can feel very small, almost indiscernible bumps under the skin just waiting. It's because with this disease our cells have lost their tight bonds so our skin is less of a barrier, allowing the contact or off of gassing chemicals, elements and natural ingredients to penetrate and get into our bloodstream to raise our histamines.

Thanks so much jeanne5009! And I feel your itch as well! Sorry to hear about your itch spots, etc. I appreciate all the tips you have given me. AS a result I am more aware of ideas to follow: rosacea, histamines, etc. My itch is only located on the left side of my nose, so I am fortunate that it hasn't spread. I will keep studying so I can get to the bottom of this. And I wish you well in your search for relief.