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It took me forever to find this and I wondered and wondered why it wasn't posted so I'm glad that I finally found your post. I had to go into my profile to see if I actually wrote and posted or was losing my mind. Lol.

As I said I did search and found the previous replies but I didn't find them helpful or I wouldn't have posted. I know what the treatments are and I am fortunate to being able to be treated by a top expert in the field of lung organisms, Pamela McShane at Tyler, Tx. She got rid of my MAC in 2 months and we have an amazing rapport. My general pulmonogist at the U of Chicago defers to Dr McShane re bacteria. But thanks for the suggestion.

What I was looking for was input from other patients, e.g. Terri, who recently stopped treatment which she took for years due to side effects.

All is good. I will discuss it with Dr McShane in a few weeks and ask her why she doesn't want to treat immediately which is what she did with MAC.

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Is Dr. McShane with a hospital or group? Tyler would be close for me since I live in Louisiana.

Hello, I just saw your post referring to Dr. McShane in Tyler Texas I have recently been put on the waitlist for her and would love to speak with you more about your treatment with her…