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@rits You have pseudomonas and you are looking for treatment information.

You will notice that I moved your question, "Treatment for pseudomonas" into a discussion where members are already discussing this topic. I did this so you could more quickly connect in order to have your questions answered. I encourage you to scroll back through the comments to find previously shared suggestions as well.

May I ask if you have considered getting a second opinion to see if their treatment recommendations are similar?

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Hi Erika...there are many of us that also have MAC and bronchiectasis and get pseudo,and dialogue about it in this group....are you keeping in both groups then?

It took me forever to find this and I wondered and wondered why it wasn't posted so I'm glad that I finally found your post. I had to go into my profile to see if I actually wrote and posted or was losing my mind. Lol.

As I said I did search and found the previous replies but I didn't find them helpful or I wouldn't have posted. I know what the treatments are and I am fortunate to being able to be treated by a top expert in the field of lung organisms, Pamela McShane at Tyler, Tx. She got rid of my MAC in 2 months and we have an amazing rapport. My general pulmonogist at the U of Chicago defers to Dr McShane re bacteria. But thanks for the suggestion.

What I was looking for was input from other patients, e.g. Terri, who recently stopped treatment which she took for years due to side effects.

All is good. I will discuss it with Dr McShane in a few weeks and ask her why she doesn't want to treat immediately which is what she did with MAC.

Erika, I've posted my question again in the MAC group. I don't follow this group and I don't believe that the people I am trying to reach belong here either. It took me 3 days to find my message and I didn't get the response I had hoped to receive, Please leave it in MAC. Thanks and happy new year.

I have had my ID doctor go completely silent when I asked his opinion on use of an herbal lung tincture. That was in June. After that I wanted a second opinion but all the ID doctors here trained at the same University Medical School.

I feel now I need to move but that is a huge task I can't do

Perhaps someone here can let me know what treatments all of yall have access too.

I am worried I will die long before I would if my physician were available and willing to talk with me openly.

I find putting new post with very old ones confusing. Would it be possible to just provide the new poster a link to those threads, but leave their question up? I’ll be reading (and maybe replying to) a post listed as 12 hours ago when I realize some responses are from 2-3 years ago. I am better at looking at date now than when I joined and I may be only one it trips up.