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I have pseudomonas again or still. I had it in 2019 but it disappeared while I was on Arikayce. However it's been back in my lungs again since this summer. My doctor said that we will discuss treating it when I have more and am sick. I don't know about having more because the results reports say that I have many. She has more details re exactly how much there is. My main symptom is copious amounts of mucus, 2-3x more than usual. I am
doing airway clearance 2x daily.

I have an appointment scheduled for the end of the month. My pseudomonas is susceptible to all the various antibiotics used for this bacteria.

Should I push for treatment? I know some of you have been treated for this bacteria and I did a search of the discussions but I really would appreciate an opinion as to whether I should start treatment. I would prefer an inhaled drug because my gut is still recovering from the MAC antibiotics that I stopped more than 6 months ago. I would be grateful for input from anyone who has been treated for pseudomonas.

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@rits You have pseudomonas and you are looking for treatment information.

You will notice that I moved your question, "Treatment for pseudomonas" into a discussion where members are already discussing this topic. I did this so you could more quickly connect in order to have your questions answered. I encourage you to scroll back through the comments to find previously shared suggestions as well.

May I ask if you have considered getting a second opinion to see if their treatment recommendations are similar?

@rits...I too have pseudomonas..I am on Colistin every other month nebulized..first line of treatment is usually Tobramyacin nebulized..Cipro and levaquiin are taken in pill form..my pseudo got worse..thick green sputum, and really starting to feel unwell..sometimes Dr’s will wait and watch..it’s a nasty bacteria...

After a couple of bouts of pseudomonas and rounds of treatment, it seems to finally be quiet - I believe the 7% saline nebs are effective in limiting its growth as well as MAC, some early research observations seem to support this, especially in CF patients.
Anyone else have this result?

I am 76 years old and a new patient at National Jewish Health in Denver since November of 2023.. My culture in Sept of 2023 revealed Pseudomas A.
Levaquin did not knock it out in September nor 14 days of Ciproflaxacin in October.
I am active and no signs of any sickness since being diagnosed, even had Covid in December of 2023 and recovered.
As per doctor's order I have a SmartVest as of January 2024 and do airway clearance 2x daily.
My regimen is Levalbuterol inhaler (I have arrythmia so do not use albuterol),
then SmartVest for 20 minutes in the morning (10 minutes in the evening),
and while using the vest, I use nebulized saline 7%, morning, (sometimes 3% in the evening or no neb saline) and Aerobika device
then after vest, a low dose steroid inhaler.
I discussed nebulized Tobramycin at my first doctor's visit. I understand Pseudomas can be difficult to clear and can be hard on the kidneys. The drug is also very expensive.
I am still learning and researching.
I see that your post came in 2020.
As for your question to push for treatment, it is the same question I had. After a second visit with my doctor who explained the ramifications of using Tobramycin, I chose not to do treatment for the time being.
Wishing for you a good outcome with whatever treatments you are doing.