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How about a laugh, (hopefully)

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@jakedduck1 We always keep our doors locked, and we live in a very safe community but one never knows. My mother-in-law lived in a senior apartment building in MA and the residents were very friendly with each other and would visit back and forth so they left their doors unlocked. My mother-in-law had glaucoma so her vision was not great. She looked up and saw a man in her apartment! He immediately scooted out the door but after he left she discovered that her purse had been stolen. That left her very rattled as it would me also.

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I only lock my door during the day if I know someone is not at home across the breezeway or if I see landscapers , bug men etc.
We are in a gated safe subdivision but, you are right, you never know. They can come in by boat and steal anything you leave outside and also shimmy under the gates. Our subdivision is on one of the inlets of the Anclote river. Our doors are open until bedtime because , like the senior place, there are always family members coming back and forth, especially before the kids went off to college. Can’t trust those seniors lol. I do love the back and forth and naw…nobody knocks if they’re family. My daughter will often come over with an empty wine glass because she knows I have vino phobia ….fear of running out of wine….so I am never without. Or they’re out of coffee creamer or I need a tablespoon of some spice from their kitchen or, and I’m waiting for this one, to tell them I won the lottery.

FL Mary