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Coming to Mayo

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My 27 yr old daughter is going through a similar situation….her hands are completely numb….the Drs here in Minot have diagnosed her with polyneuropathy….no known cause and there's nothing they can do for her….we are anxiously awaiting for an appt at Mayo….she was approved…just the waiting now….hoping she keeps the hope and faith to go on….very frustrating for her as she has 2 small boys… She can't even open a can of soup….very sad.

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Hi there,
Neuropathy is miserable for sure. I’ve had it for 30 years. Believed to have been caused from long term Anticonvulsant use. Started on the bottom of my feet and still slowly climbing upward to just past my waist.
They had me on the maximum dose on Neurontin which didn’t help. Lyrica was awful for me. I filled a complaint with the FDA. After that they included muscle damage/weakness to the side effects. I have a friend that claims it really helps her. Hoping for the best. Good luck at Mayo, they are a good lot.