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Foods to eat to keep creatinine level down

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@gingerw, thanks for the kind words.

Yes, I had – and still am having – a wonderful time turning my "mad chemist" loose in my kitchen.

Currently am experimenting with ways to create a "jell-o" type dessert without using gelatin. Vegan substitutes are pricey so I'm using pectin to make a version of jelly that's more like dessert gelatin. Results aren't as promising as I had hoped so will keep trying.

Also working on a low-potassium, low-phosphorus veggie burger as the processed ones in the stores have a lot of sodium and high-potassium legumes. I did come up with a fairly tasty vegan loaf but as a burger patty it was an epic fail and only very slightly does the vegan loaf resemble a "real" meat loaf.

So it's back to the kitchen for me.

More successful are my Native American recipes sans meat. They're very low sodium and their potassium and phosphorus content are within recommended limits. As a traditionalist in my medicine society and with my native American heritage, these dishes are quite satisfying to me. There's even a way to use the Three Sisters (corn, squash and beans) in traditional ways without going over the mineral limits for a renal diet. That recipe collection should be available within a year. Even non-Indian people might have fun using some of the native recipes.

I'll hush now.

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Thanks for the visual image! I am trying to form an image of you, as a mad scientist at work in the kitchen.

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