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Yes, I still have my zippy puppy ….. Ginger. She is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles. They are trying to breed the inevitable heart problems out of the Cavaliers by mixing the two. Ginger's both parents were Cockaliers … the mix.
She's a pip. She'll be 1 this month. Sweet puppy, but still poops on the floor. Oh my ……

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Hi, @amberpep – glad you have your puppy. I looked them up, and I was amazed at what variation there was in looks in different Cockaliers. Look super friendly. Though I worked and worked on it, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel never was fully potty trained, even at 5 years old (when we had baby No. 2 and had to send her back to the breeder as she was so jealous of the baby and making us really nervous). I guess Cavaliers have some trouble getting the potty training down.

I remember that the job search had been a challenge, and kudos to you for persisting and carrying on. At what stage are you now with job searching? Are you looking for openings? Putting in applications?