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Weening Off of Ativan For Sleep

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O No, he thinks I can get off of ambien. He wants me to log sleep info, and get up at the same time every day. Also going to be going for overnight sleep study next month. I really want off of it, but have tried so many things myself, and nothing has worked so I am asking for help from Mayo. I found this connect group and thought I would start a Ambien discussion.

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Hi Rachel,I'll tell you my story.Have been on ambien for 16 years and no trouble.But recently my primary care doctor decided that I had to wen off it.Well she cut the amount from 30 to 27 to 24 and so on.I was to take 3 mg of melatonin for 2 weeks,thenn 5 and finally 10.Well it was terrible.I felt nore unsteady than ever.I then went to see a 'Sleep doc" and pulmonologist who thought I could stay on ambie, after I did a documentation for 2 weeks prior to my visit.He was very ingormative and said I could if I wante do a sleep study,which i will do after the Covid surge is less.On my next visit to my primary care doctor she went back to prescrbing my monthly dose,5mgand said Dr.Lee had told her it was all right.So maybe,because I recently turned 85 ,she was worried.I was angry with her because she never once in all those previous years suggested weaning off ambien.So i hope that you can settle your problem.