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Thank you for replying. This is for my son who developed chronic pancreatitis in his early 20's. Mayo ran a genetic test which showed a genetic predisposition to this. His condition was rapidly worsening so he had his pancreas and spleen removed and an islet cell transplant. This was approximately six years ago. He would like to be able to ask questions of others who have had this procedure as he doesn't know if the digestive problems he has are normal, or if some other physical issues are related. Mainly he needs a "go to" place to share information about life after a total pancreatectomy. We reside in Chattanooga where the doctors don't have a lot of experience with patients who are in the same boat. I decided to look for a population of people who have lived with this and found this page. Since I now know you're out there, I will ask him to log in and he can ask his questions and look for advice. Thank you for your time!

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I am happy to assist in any way I can. I had a modified whipple procedure in July 2015 and then a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy in March 2017. In the last few months I have experienced some digestive problems that prompted me to see a GI doctor. He is in the process of ruling in or out how much of it is related to the removal of part of the pancreas. I am not taking enzymes but not sure that will not be in my future. My case is complicated by the modified whipple procedure which rerouted my intestines to assist with helping my pancreas drain. While our cases are different, there may be some questions I can answer and I am happy to answer if I can. Best wishes.

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