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Soft tissue rheumatism syndrome?

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@momof2gems have you considered your spine may be off balance? If one side is off everything from your head to toes can be painful and throw off your entire body mechanically. I also feel like surgeons only see things how they can fix "surgically," they aren't thinking integrated medicine to help their patients. Fortunately that tide is slowly shifting.

My sister has suffered with fibromyalgia and I've wondered if I had it also, because I've had the carpal tunnel, tendonitis, golf and tennis elbows from overusing my hands/arms, car accident messed up my neck/upper back, beach accident started R hip bursitis, pain all over my body and now lower back herniation because my core was weak. I've had to take 6 Aleve a day but you can't do that long-term for anti-inflammation! 2 is Rx strength @ one time, but they last longer than Advil/Motrin. However though I've had these incidents, I do not want to assume I also have fibromyalgia, and honestly feel there's something else mechanically that throws things off. I believe having my spine aligned has helped me, along with massage to get the muscles back and balanced. I do NOT go routinely to a chiropractor like some (I've read stories), but I DO go when I feel out of whack, and will say that I've felt instant relief.

I will add that I waited too long to try a chiropractor after a neck injury, and wish I'd gone in earlier. Also, later because I type for a living I became desperate when I could hardly move/sleep due to hand pain and later elbow/forearm pain. Nothing but massage helped my arm/elbow so I tried acupuncture the 1st time after seeing a TV show. My husband laughed at me, but I couldn't grip/move the steering wheel driving into the Dr's parking lot my 3rd treatment, and I literally walked out of the office PAIN FREE that day. I honestly could hardly believe it myself! I decided that the Chinese have been using some techniques for thousands of years, I'd give it a shot. It basically resets the nerve impulses.

Nothing is fixed in a couple minutes when you've been suffering long-term, it's worth trying chiro, acupuncture, massage and things like natural anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric, ginger, etc and additional water to flush out impurities.

Relaxing the muscles with Epson salts (the magnesium relaxes the muscles), a short-term hot tub visit or warm baths help relax the muscles, but short-term ice calms inflammation, followed by short term heat to get blood flow to an area can help specific areas of inflammation and tenderness also.

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I visited a chiropractor last month who told me that I could use a few treatments. Unfortunately it is too expensive for me. He had Xray's done from my spine and it showed that I have a slight curve (scoliosis) but it never bothered me before. It was the first time I heard that. In 2012 I broke my ankle ripped all my tendons and ligaments and ever since I have wondered if one leg is shorter than the other. It really is all a mystery to me. Without support from my family physician I try to read research articles on the internet and learn from that.