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Does Sleep Apnea cause weird dreams?

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I too had nightmares from sleep apnea and I think the CPAP contributed as well.I often woke up out of breath and shaking all over....even with the CPAP.
Knowing the CPAP was needed to live, I tried to wear as much as I could. I dealt with severe sleep apnea for 13 years. I hated it and always was researching another treatments, which many I paid out of pocket without success. Last year, the FDA approved a surgical implant I had been reading about the past several years. It TRULY has saved my life. PLEASE research Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation. It is surgically implanted and is in tune with your breathing NOT apneas. It is so new, many doctors do not even know about it. I share the information with everyone I can. It is only performed now at the countries top hospitals, Emory, Vanderbilt, etc. I had mine done at Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC. They were incredible and my life has been changed. I sleep, my color is better, depression better...a true miracle!!!!! Inspire is the only company I know that makes the implant but are there at the hospital every step of the way. Their website has a wealth of information. They fight for their patients too in obtaining approval from insurance companies.Please check it out!! Good luck!

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@mygrain316 Thanks for the info... I don't think my sleep apnea is bad enough to consider an implant - but it's good to know that such a thing exists! Glad it worked for you!!

if ur body bmi is over 35% u cannot get inspire

i have had the exact same thing i believe we are not breathing and its our bodies way of waking us up right at the moment that the dream seems horrible or im going to die its outrageous.