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Hello @shel99, I would like to add my welcome to @debbraw's. While we wait for others who have dealt with shoulder arthritis in the past to join this conversation, I though I would share a few discussions you may find relevant and helpful:

– Shoulder Replacement Surgery, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/shoulder-replacement-surgery-1/
– Reverse shoulder replacement, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/reverse-shoulder-replacement/

@shel99, If you don't mind sharing, and are comfortable doing so, how bad is your arthritis? Are you in the beginning stages, or is it toward end-stage arthritis? I have dealt with end-stage arthritis in both ankles and my right knee that all required surgery or replacement to alleviate the pain, mobility, and joint deformation that result from end-stage arthritis and can relate with the frustrations of swelling after overusing.

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Thanks for your response Justin. I believe I'm at the beginning stages. Generally, I don't experience any pain unless I lift my arm over my head, or reach behind my back. X-rays indicated I have arthritis. The reduction in range of motion is somewhat limiting my activities, especially exercise routines. I'm concerned that this will contribute to a downward spiral in strength and mobility. I'm interested in treatments, therapies or medication short of surgery that would help.