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Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response

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It could be that your cardiologist's not seeming concerned about your last EKG might be a good thing. Cardiologists have read a lot of EKGs and they know when to be concerned and when something is less than serious.

I know what I'm going to say is easier said than done but: try to relax. Find some way to occupy yourself and keep your mind and hands busy. Do you have any activities that you enjoy, like music, knitting, crafts, art, etc.? If so, try to focus on that. January will be here soon enough and the conversion attempt will happen and perhaps you will begin to find relief.

What can you do today to give yourself a break from your worry?

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Thank you. I've been heart obsessed all my life, I've had the darn things, two EPs were willing to ablate, but they weren't serious, but frequent. Anyone with them, when you first become aware, or if they markedly change, needs to see their doctor. But my wife worked for a cardiologist, they had patients with irregular heart rhythms that were so bad she couldn't get an accurate pulse, they'd get the heart rate from the EKG. The doctor came in, talked to the guy, took his wrist and asked him if he ever has any irregular heart beats. He said no. The doctor didn't tell him because he didn't want him to obsess about it, his heart was healthy otherwise.

A coworker in afib that returned to work with it that way. I took his pulse, OMG, it was all over the place. But his doctor cleared him to return to work, and the plant doctor cleared him too. I just didn't realize within 10 years (actually less) I'd be in the same condition.

Thanks again for the good advise.

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