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We actually went in December but left December 20,2017 right before the big storm.
I did some research and this what we found. We stayed at the Kahler Grand, I think it was $100 night, it was very convenient since the hospital was literally across the road, you could either walk or there was an underground tunnel that went to the hospital. You just took the elevator down from the hotel, you did not have to go outside. The tunnel as I call it had shops and places to eat. The hotel also had a restaurant and a few shops, plus a Starbucks which we ate breakfast at, much less than the restaurant. There was an Italian restaurant around the corner that had a take out salad bar or pasta connected to it so we picked up food and took it back to the hotel this was much less than eating in the restaurant and the food was great. You can also access the bank and the mall without going outside.
We did take the shuttle it was a long walk from where the plane landed but so convenient.
As far as clothing we purchased Merlino socks, leggings and wore 3 layers under our coats, plus thermal underwear under our leggings. I purchased a maxi down coat from Lands End and snow pants that I purchased at Costco, there was no way I was going to be cold. I had a down hat and scarf and gloves. You want to make sure if you go out that your mouth and nose are covered because I read the cold can effect your lungs.
By the way we live in California. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Jean

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We were there right after you! For the storm…will stay there again!