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Hello @guthealth, I have similar situation, had before HP but now I don't have it, however last week my gastric biopsy result came: Positive for intestinal metaplasia, but Negative for H pylori, dysplasia and malignancy. The doctor said to repeat the upper GI after 3 years and to have a follow up with him after 6 months. But my question is, why he did not prescribe any treatment for me espcially if this condition my increase my chance to develop a gastric stomach cancer? I did not know how bad it is untill I started to read about. There are many articles about Intestinal Metaplasia but don't know how reliable these resources I am scared now because every time I eat small meal I feel full like the food is going up. Don't know what to do for reverse this. Any help is much appreciated.

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Apparently these GI cancers are slow growing. You may not need a follow up for three years and never develop cancer. I ended up not having a colonoscopy this time because I had one a year ago and it was completely normal. My doctor is going on the assumption I have SIBO because my symptoms developed after a round of Clindymycin, the antibiotic from hell, in my opinion. As far as diet, I am following a gluten free, lactose free, low fructose, low carb diet. It sounds strict but it is helping my irritated intestines heal, which will take a while. Look into low FODMAP or SCD diets. If your gut is inflamed, it can’t digest grains, wheat, lactose, etc. Find a dietician if you can. Has made all the difference for me. I also take supplements, omega 3, vitamin D, B complex, vitamin A, zinc, etc, and probiotics (Florastor and Align). Hope this helps.

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