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<p>I was diagnosed with IBS-D when I was 16. In my 20's I went gluten free and I had a wonderful 4 years! Then I got a stomach bug after Thanksgiving Nov 2012 and by 12/23/12 I guess I started having GERD and IBS-C. It was an awful year to follow. Lansoprazole, pantropazole, omeprazole, all took the edge off but did not work. Finally I tried Nexium and it worked! But, I still could not cheat and have chocolate, coffee, alcohol, sugar (including fruit), or seasonings. I also started having panic attacks. I used essential oils and took a zantac twice a day up to ween myself off the Nexium. To this day I still can only eat brown rice, chicken or turkey (no red meats) and safe vegetables: zucchini, yellow squash, and carrots. I eat 2 eggs and a slice of gluten free bread for breakfast. I can take a probiotic and a biotin vitamin but all other vitamins go right thru me. With this limited diet I am concerned I am not getting the proper nutrients I need but I also can't take supplements or drink vitamin drinks. Does anyone else have this similar issue? Is there something I can do to improve my situation/symptoms. If I cheat and have sugar, fruit, or even just one sip of alcohol, I get acid indigestion which makes me nauseous. I used to feel strong and used to be able to work out but now I'm limited to work outs cause I can only work out in the morning on an empty stomach and can't push to hard. Thanks for any advice!</p>

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Hi @Pookith85
Welcome to Connect. You may wish to explore the discussions in the Digestive Health group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/digestive-gastrointestinal-problems/#/!tab=discussions)

I found this thread where @bettyann, @madelinehowell @roxie43, @rebeccah and others are talking about IBS-D

Eventhough you can't push too hard, do you find that exercise helps manage the IBD?

My Mayo gastroenterologyist permormed botox treatments through endoscopy finding to relieve my symptoms similar to yours. I have GERD and a "jack hammer" esophagus. I had high pressures at the end of my esophagus at the stomach-esophagus sphincter. The treatment lasted one year before it got painful to eat and swallow again even my meds. The only other cure is surgery. I just had it done again and is wonderous. The procedure takes a bit over 2 hrs pre to post op. This may be an answer to your issues. Ask your specialist. Good luck.