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Kneeling with artificial knee

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Thanks for all replies, even though I don’t like the consensus that kneeling isn’t ever going to be easy again. Was discharged from PT 10 weeks after surgery. ROM at that time about 125, I think it’s still improving. Extension 0 with slight pressure on knee, unassisted probably 3 or so. Also still improving. I am currently finishing my “floor exercises” with kneeling on bedroom carpet, pretty upright – not trying to sit back on heels, which is impossible for now -, and slowly rocking from side to side, putting some weight on the artificial joint. There seems to be a trick to it, at a certain angle it really hurts, at a different angle (sideways angle) it is tolerable. It will never be ok on a hard surface, but I’m determined to find a way to at least do it on grass. My plantings in some areas are so dense that I cannot get even a small garden seat in there, and my back has been compromised for decades, so I can’t do more than 1 hour or so of standing and bending over for pruning/pulling up/planting things.
PS. surgery was 9/13 of this year.

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@ellerbracke You sound determined, and as long as your ortho says this is something you can then I am sure you will get to a tolerable place for your gardening. I envy your flexion, I wish mine was there but without that minor surgery it will never approach that.

I also envy that you enjoy gardening! I love how pretty the gardens look of some of my friends but I hate gardening myself. I used to have a friend who loved gardening but she wasn't much of a cook so she would come over and do my gardening and I would send her home with a complete dinner, including wine. It was a great exchange but then she resumed working full time.

@ellerbracke…….. I had my knee replaced a few years ago…….. So now if I have to kneel down I use a pillow for my knee and then getting up is a challenge…….. But if I remember this advice they gave me it works. Go down on your bad knee. I go slow, and then when its time to get up …. go up on your good knee….. which you have more strength in. Don't know if this works for everyone but when I absolutely have to bend down, I do and usually no pain in my knee. Best of luck to you all and please do the exercises before and after surgery…….. It helps a lot'

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