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Fructose Malabsorption

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I have dealt with lymphatic colitis for 40 years. I am 76 now and have just been treated for H-pylori 4 months ago. My breath test has shown Fructose Malabsorption rather then SIBO. Not sure I am glad for this diagnosis. The SIBO I could treat with antibiotics and not as strict a diet. I see my doctor this week and then a dietitian to learn how to eat very different from what I have been eating with the colitis. One diet seems to hinder the other. I feel to old to change my ways but something else to learn now. I was never a real sweet eater until I found out I can't have it. LOL There are so many things I have to throw out and I plan to have one cupboard just for me. My DH can eat anything and I make sweets for him all the time, what an adjustment. Sorry if I sound a little down or pessimistic about this, I know over time I will adjust. I have been reading some of your posts and am encouraged by them. I will return with my journey after Wednesday.

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Have you checked out the Fructose Malabsorption discussion on Mayo Clinic Connect? You might find it helpful. Good luck.

What does SIBO stand for?

Hang in there! You do adjust over time and even get so you don't want sweets because you know the awful side effects they will cause. There's a lot of info in this fm discussion from the beginning, including foods to eat/not eat, finding drugs and supplements that are ok, etc. Your message reminds me of all the food I had to throw out also. My husband still eats sweets he buys ( I don't make any), but he doesn't eat them around me which is nice.

Where did you go to get the Fructose Malabsorption diagnosed and to see a dietician who understood and could help you know what to eat. I had SIBO diagnosed at Mayo, but the Doc I see, who is a fellow, doesn't appear to understand it, nor be interested in treating it, and I thought I was seeing a "special GI dietcician" who could help me, but she hadn't even heard of these problems. Very disappointing. So, I'm looking for a center that deals with SIBO. Johns Hopkins has what looks like a good SIBO specialty program, was wondering if there might be something closer to the midwest. ­čÖé