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Fructose Malabsorption

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Fructose diet is very difficult but you can manage the diet. No sugar at all including no gum, no honey no soda etc. Just look at the labels for any form of sugars if you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the package then don’t buy it because it most likely have some hidden sugars.
Also no fruits and fruit juices.
You can also goggle and y-tube for more information or you can go to a nutritionist and hopefully your insurance will pay for the Nutritionist. I have fructose so bad that I cannot eat onions, garlic, peas and carrots. I had to experiment with different foods. My tip off with Foods was to keep a daily log of everything you eat and see how you react. I would get the diarrhea the next day that was how I was able to tell what I can and cannot eat.

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I have fm very bad as well. But, since I have the constipation version, I had no indication like diarrhea of what food was ok and what wasn't. I was always bloated and gassy to one degree or another until I got it figured out what I could eat and started using Phillips Milk of Magnesia on a regular basis. The latter also took care of the SIBO. Some food bothers my stomach immediately, like fruits and fruit juices, honey, soda, gum, etc. but others do not. I can't eat onions, garlic, peas and carrots either. Sometimes I can eat a few nuts, sometimes I can't – I figure it depends upon how much fructose is already in my g.i. tract, and there is no way for me to really know that. I agree – it is very difficult to manage, but it does become pretty routine when you aren't trying new things! Thanks for replying.


I just joined the group and am reading through the post. My kid had the same problem and we were able to take care of that problem by giving xylose isomerase enzyme. This converts the excess fructose into glucose and aids in absorption. Usually each pill of the enzyme can convert 6 grams of fructose. You might want to try that for yourself. I was able to buy the pills from Austria. I used to get 60 bottles at a time and each bottle contains 60 pills. Good luck.