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Still no diagnosis

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Hi Carley, each of us can be a little different in how PMR affects us if that is indeed your diagnosis. I hope you are able to see a rheumatologist soon. In both of my two occurrences of PMR I was started on 20 mg prednisone daily. The first occurrence it took my over 3 years to taper off of the drug. As I was tapering off for both occurrences I still had a little pain and stiffness in the mornings but it was nothing like the pain before I started taking the prednisone. Most of my pain was in the arms, shoulders, legs and joints. I also found that it was important to do some sort of exercise (not strenuous) to keep flexible. In some people they also prescribe Methotrexate along with the prednisone to treat the pain but I have no experience with it. Mayo Clinic has some good information on PMR here:

Polymyalgia rheumatica


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I forgot to mention he also prescribed me Alendronate. I think it is generic for fosamax. Anyone have any thoughts? I am hesitant to take it. He was not concerned enough to order a bone density test. He said maybe in a couple of years. Then I wonder why do you want me to take this.