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Esophageal disorder - don’t know what to eat

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I feel your pain. I, too, have a swallowing disorder, though they don't know why. I have Laryngospasms and benign multinodule (5) goiter on my thyroid. Lost my gall bladder years ago. Have mesh implants from 5 lb. Messenteric abdominal cyst removal and ventral hernia that followed and have had a nissen fundoplication and a toupet fundoplication… which is to connect my esphogus and my stomach. Last surgeries at the end of 2016. Now deal with worse dysphagia, dumping syndrome and positonal pains. Now have intestines pushing up into chest area.
For the 3 years I have been on a semi solid diet. Mostly the things you mentioned… Nilla wafers dissolve in your mouth and are easy to swallow. Also just found liquid greens… veggies. Not too bad. But sometimes I choke on air… so food isn't always the enemy. I, too, struggle to find some more items to eat again, but slowly realizing I may be stuck with what I have found. Swallowing pizza is impossible. I have lost around 97 lbs. and am in need of more nourishment but protein drinks make me ill, too. It sucks. I hate my food life. I hurt all over. Being skinny is NOT fun. It hurts. I walk through the grocery store like a zombie… no, no, no… I cant swallow that or digest that. BUT… There is a new product I tried… though it tastes not great, yucky actually, but you might like it… it is good for you totally. It's called Huel. A powder. Nutritionally complete food. 500 calories per cup. Jazz it up and drink it or use powder in your pudding or soups. And the meats I do eat… I cut into teeny tiny portions and then chew the heck out of them. Puree… agreed… barf! I am rooting for you! Post if you find something good… I will try it too! I am 57 & female, by the way. My thoughts are with you. I didn't get much sympathy or help from my surgeons, either. Learned most on internet unfortunately.

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Hi, I am 83 years young and have had problems swallowing and severe Esophagus spasms since I was in my mid twenties . Now for the past several years it has gotten worse and was twice at the emergency hospital because my food was stuck from top to bottom . Just had an Endoscopy and was diagnosed with Candida Esophagus and Achalasia . It was recommended to have a Mobility study done, but from what I read there is no cure for it. Maybe some surgery for younger patients , which I am not .I also suffer from Gerd . What I am doing now is to avoid meat because it's the biggest problem and if I eat some very tender ground meat, I chew and chew it to a pulp and drink water after every bite. I had to learn to concentrate on every bite . My Esophagus spasms are less since the doctor prescribed a heavy dose of anti acid medication daily . My son , 60 years of age is starting to have the same problems . Maybe genetic .