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Overwhelmed while searching for second diagnosis

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Thank you. My Endo feels I need to go to Mayo but said she didn't feel they would accept my case because everything that has been tested Mayo would duplicate so they wouldn't feel the need so she referred me to a specialist at KU medical center 2 hours away but the soonest he can see me is the end of May. My fevers are more frequent and climbing and my red blood cell count keeps dropping so waiting doesn't seem logical to me. Our insurance requires referrals and getting referrals hasn't been easy because we are in a rural area that has limited specialists.

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Hi @toomanyoars -- there is another discussion on Connect that you might want to read through and see what has helped others with appointments.

Groups > Visiting Mayo Clinic > Getting your first appointment
-- https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/getting-your-first-appointment/

Also, @kanaazpereira has some great information and tips on working through insurance and billing issues for Mayo Clinic appointments in her post in another discussion here:


I would ask your Endo doc if they will give you a referral anyway. The great thing about Mayo Clinic is that they have multiple teams of specialists that work together to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Hoping you get an appointment soon.